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Learn about the history of the upcoming week but a long time ago!

An Actual Play Podcast where the players' blundering choices and cursed dice are the real big bad evil standing in the way of the story!

Title: This Machine Belongs To. background: an old leather book with many embossed details, swoops and loops. There is are bruised rainbow splotches lightly visible on tha background. There is a blank line like one where you would write your name in a journal. The Word machine in the title is on top of a faint and blurred word "journal". There is a metallic red boarder around the square image. Halfwit Podcasts logo is bottom center of the image.

A horror micro fiction about a machine, a journal, and those compelled to create.

10 people solved the puzzle that was previously on this website that lead to the reveal of the cover art early! Congrats!

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