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Halfwit History is a This Week in History Podcast

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Halfwits & Failed Crits, Actual Play Podcast, Stars Without Number, crumbling ston bridge arching from bottom left to center, three people running on it. at the end of the crumbled bridge is a large stone moss covered floating d20 with orbital pink halos and a jester hat replacing the 1 face of the die, underneath is a ocean with some ruined pillars and a few d6 dice, the background is purple mountains on a night sky with planets, stars, and d8s with runes and saturn like rings. the very top is the Halfwits & Failed Crits name with a pink boarder and white typeface.

Halfwits & Failed Crits is an Actual Play Podcast currently playing Stars Without Number.
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This Podcast is rated Explicit! 

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