Halfwits & Failed Crits, Actual Play Podcast, Stars Without Number, crumbling ston bridge arching from bottom left to center, three people running on it. at the end of the crumbled bridge is a large stone moss covered floating d20 with orbital pink halos and a jester hat replacing the 1 face of the die, underneath is a ocean with some ruined pillars and a few d6 dice, the background is purple mountains on a night sky with planets, stars, and d8s with runes and saturn like rings. the very top is the Halfwits & Failed Crits name with a pink boarder and white typeface.

Halfwits & Failed Crits is an Actual Play Podcast where the players' blundering choices and cursed dice are the real big bad evil standing in the way of getting their adventurers to the end of a campaign! Join GM Jonathan Swenson while he herds the fantasy/sci-fi cats known as Kiley Swenson, Laura Rodgers, and Luis Ardila through S1 Worlds Divided - A DnD Podcast, and S2 Children of the Spine - A Stars Without Number Podcast. Produced by Halfwit Podcasts.

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